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Zach Banner speaks out against former teammate and roommate Chad Wheeler

Where to start with this story? The Chad Wheeler story is just absolutely disgusting. All I can say is I hope this guy gets a lengthy prison sentence and never sees another day on the football field ever again.

Wheeler had voluntarily stopped taking his bi-polar medication prior to the altercation with his girlfriend. His girlfriend says he just snapped and went into a very bad place and started beating her up to the point she went unconscious. When she woke up she saw Wheeler standing above her saying "Wow you're still alive." One of Wheeler's girlfriend's friends had called 911 at around 9:45 pm saying that she has locked herself in a bathroom after her boyfriend beat her. Another call was placed to 911 from the bathroom by Wheeler's girlfriend saying she was going to be killed. The cops had to force their way into Wheeler's home after hearing her screaming. The cops then forced their way into Wheeler's bathroom where they found him standing over his bloody girlfriend. He was not listening to the police, but they eventually detained him while he was screaming "I am not a woman beater."

There are no words to describe how absolutely tragic this story is. We hope she receives all of the medical treatment and heals up quickly. Our prayers go out to her and her family.

Steelers Zach Banner took to Twitter after hearing the news of his former roommate.

Banner said "A man should never put his hands on a woman.... Period."

An hour later Banner took to Twitter again: "Chad Wheeler is someone completely different than my roommate and brother at SC, and today I had to come to terms with that. What he did was heartbreaking, and I will never forgive... My thoughts, and prayers go out to the victim. She and her health should be the upmost priority."

Sorry to hear about this Banner. Just no words to describe this story other than disgusting, tragic, and completely uncalled for. The Seattle Seahawks have released Chad Wheeler since the story broke. They recently released a statement saying they're saddened by the details of the Wheeler story. They hope he gets mental help and their support is with the victim.

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