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Zach Banner is getting off of Social Media prior to Steelers Training Camp

There is no question that the Pittsburgh Steelers players love to use social media to 'build their brand,' during the offseason. JuJu Smith-Schuster and Chase Claypool are the primary Steeler players who seem to love using Tik Tok and Twitter the most. Now it looks like Devin Bush is starting to get real comfortable using Twitter.

The problem with social media nowadays is it can become a distraction off of the football field. Much of the National Media love to use players' social media to create unnecessary drama that can create problems on the football field. Especially if you're retweeting a cat falling from 30 stories high and saying this is the first cat that wasn't able to land on its feet. Although Devin Bush thought it was funny to tweet that out it got him into some trouble and it even could have landed him a fine by the Steelers according to some of his recent tweets about the incident.

Zach Banner has been pretty vocal about Devin Bush's antics on social media this offseason. He said when Bush gets to camp he will be the first one to take his phone away from him. It is unclear if he was joking or not, but he felt the need to tweet it out. Cam Heyward also told Devin Bush to 'calm his ass down,' on Twitter too. So obviously many Steelers veterans are aware of Devin Bush and could address it in-house once Training Camp begins.

Now it looks like Zach Banner will go 'Zero-Dark Thirty' like LeBron James does when it is time to show up and ball. Banner is coming off of an ACL tear in 2020 and he is looking to bounce back in a big way. So far it looks like he has done all of the right things during the offseason especially in regards to his training and diet.

Now he will look to walk into Training Camp without any distractions after tweeting out a peace sign today on Twitter. If only other Steelers players would do the same, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon. Good for Zach Banner on eliminating the distractions and focusing on football. This could be it with Ben Roethlisberger so the Steelers need to give it all they have for the 2021 NFL season.


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