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Wrestlemania 37 starts tonight and Triple H comments on his relationship with Ben Roethlisberger

Wrestling fans all around the world are celebrating today because wrestlings 'Super Bowl' will be held in Tampa Bay. Tonight will be the first night of Wrestlemania 37 in which WWE will be doing a 2 night PPV on Saturday and Sunday. Triple H will be alongside Vince McMahon during Wrestlemania 37, but for the first time in a while Triple H will not be wrestling. Hunter (Triple H) recently did an interview with Pardon My Take and they covered many topics.

One topic made me laugh when they asked if his 75-year-old Father-In-Law could kick his ass. Triple H did not answer the question but said Vince McMahon is a beast and has a very good work ethic. Good answer from Triple H otherwise he would have heard from Vince. I'm just joking, I'm sure Vince would have had a good laugh at that segment.

Another topic Triple H took on was in regards to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Triple H says he is friends with Ben Roethlisberger. He says Ben is very tough and he has played some seasons pretty banged up and he just keeps on rolling. Triple and Ben's relationship is more based on outside life rather than just football so they hardly ever talk about football when they're together. Ben did appear on a previous Monday Night Raw segment with Degeneration X back in the day, but don't expect Ben in the ring unless the Steelers do end up winning another Super Bowl with him. Triple H and Ben do still talk on the phone from time to time.


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