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Would William Jackson III be an option for Pittsburgh?

(Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN has recently released his top 50 free agents of the 2021 offseason and he has penciled William Jackson III to Pittsburgh. The Cincinnati Bengal has excelled at the cornerback position.

I asked a Cincinnati Bengals Blogger so you wouldn’t have to, and this is a guy he personally would like to see back. However, he hasn’t been as good as they have wanted. He also noted that “a change of scenery might suit him best.” He also said that he’s not sure why Pittsburgh would be on top of his list.

Jackson, who is 28 years old, is expected to make $18,912,546 with an average salary of $6,304,182 according to As cheap of a deal that might seem to be, this still might be out of Pittsburgh’s budget.

The only way I see this happening is if the Steelers decide to part ways with Joe Haden and or Steven Nelson. Which, I see both as being unlikely. I don’t see why the Steelers would want to punish these two for once again another solid season. They aren’t perfect; however, they are a bright spot on our secondary.

If the Steelers could get it done, William Jackson III might find a good home here in Pittsburgh, with losing Cam Sutton and possibly Mike Hilton in free agency, the Steelers would need some much-needed depth at the position and William Jackson III might just provide that for the Steelers.

I wouldn’t mind giving him a shot to revive his career in Pittsburgh, however, I would like to see a little bit of a cheaper deal. If not, I would rather go younger in the position and find someone else who could be possibly cheaper. However, his experience cannot be undervalued.

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