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With the signing of Cam Sutton, could Mike Hilton be out the door?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

(Justin Berl/Getty Images)

I am very happy that Cam Sutton will be back! That is good news for this Steelers team who will be happy to have another versatile Defensive Back in the secondary. The Steelers could still also make a strong push to resign Hilton and that's honestly what I'm hoping can still happen.

Unfortunately, the Steelers might've just spend more than half of their available cap room on Sutton. So, there might need to be some last minute moves in order to save a couple Free Agents from hitting other teams.

Cam Sutton's deal was bargain for the Steelers. He is the more versatile player out of the pair. However, Mike Hilton plays the slot position exceptionally well and it would definitely hurt the Steelers if he were to walk in Free Agency.

With the extension of Kevin Colbert for another year, I'm excited to see what he and his team is able to come up with in order to possibly retain Hilton as well. I think that would benefit the Steelers quite a bit to keep both these guys. Especially with Joe Haden getting up there in age.

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