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With the Outbreak in Cleveland, should the Steelers be worried?

(Getty Images/Scott Taetsch)

The bombshell news of the early morning took the NFL by storm essentially saying that Browns' Coach Kevin Stefanski has tested positive for COVID and other members of the organization including players are also testing positive. The Browns will look for OC Alex Van Pelt to call the plays on Sunday.

This is quite the blow to Cleveland who is looking forward to their first Playoff game in nearly two decades. This will most likely be another week where the Browns are missing practices and working virtually.

We should eventually know which players tested positive because that'll also be some important information for us to look at. We wish everyone involved the best of health and we wish that this game could've happened without the virus changing some things. However, this is the world we live in now and there is no way that the league can move this game and screw the Steelers once again.

We hope that the Steelers don't get any additional positive tests because that would be a big blow to this team that will need these players to take them over the hump and help them compete for a 7th Super Bowl.

The good news for this game is that it's on a Sunday Night and this gives the league and the teams time to figure out the extent of the spread and hopefully isolate those individuals who have COVID or have been exposed to it via close contact.

Stay tuned for more...

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