With the News out of Nashville, Should we be Alarmed?

In short, no. Think about how much the MLB was going through with all the COVID cases. It might take some creativity and more safety measures, but the NFL shouldn’t be looking to suspend the season just yet.

The only thing that makes this tough on the Steelers if somehow, we lose our bye week or it moves to this week. Having this bye week especially after starting off hot might make us lose our momentum. If this is to happen, that’s okay. At least we will still have games.

This was meant to happen; it really just depends on how well the NFL is able to contract trace and how quickly they can get the affected players tested and treated.

We won’t know which Titans players/staff have COVID, we probably won’t find out. We here at Renegade Blitz hope that all those players and staff make a full recovery. It’s tough, however, the NFL seems to be doing their job well. All their families will be taken care of and offered testing to make sure that the NFL family is well taken care of.

It’s very nerve-wracking. The good news is, it seems as if the NFL will move on. We just might not see our Steelers play this Sunday. The Steelers were told to practice as if they had a game. Although, Tomlin didn’t speak today. So, I’m sure the Steelers had a pretty normal practice and had a good meeting to discuss all the different scenarios that might be coming up.

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