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Will the Steelers be ready for the Ravens?

Their game is now pushed to Tuesday, will the Steelers be rested? Will they be over-rested? I don’t think so. The Steelers are ready for this game. Many Pittsburgh Steelers expressed their displeasure with the decision to push the game back to Sunday. Now, the game is on Tuesday and I’m sure they are still irritated by the notion of the game moving to a Tuesday night.

I, as a Steelers fan was hoping a game on Tuesday wouldn’t happen. The reason behind this in my head was the Washington Football Team now gets extra time off because of the constant moving of these games.

In the words of Tomlin, “We do not care.” I firmly agree with that statement, I seriously really don’t care. I just wish I could watch some Steelers Football. I know we all do, but we do know this is some strange times we are living in. This is an invisible enemy, and we have to understand that. However, it gets annoying that the league wasn’t more prepared for this. We have expanded rosters for a reason. Let’s start using them.

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