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Will Le'Veon Bell want to come back to the Burgh?

(Photo by Justin Beri, Obtained via Getty Images)

After everything we have seen in 2020, I would say it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. It would be the same as before. However, the Steelers are getting ready to make a run. Having this guy on our team would definitely make us better. A one-year deal in the range of 4-million to reestablish himself to the rest of the league would be a good deal for Bell and the Steelers.

He has been terrible in New York. The stats don’t lie. The dysfunctionality of the city isn’t a reflection on him. Or is it? Maybe that year off made him get off his game. I don’t know if he would want to step back in Pittsburgh after what happened. Some of his former teammates would probably welcome him back with open arms. However, others might not take too kindly to his return.

The only way I see him coming back to the Burgh is him signing a one-year deal and giving it all he has for a chance at a championship. Anything longer than that is not worth it for the Steelers.

Still, all of this sounds too good to be true. He might opt to go to someone like the Bears, Seattle or the Chiefs. He has a long list of potential teams I’m sure he would want to play for. I mean hey, he might even head up to Buffalo and help that team out.

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