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Will J.J. Watt ever join the Steelers? Beating the Texans might speed that up.

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

When you think of J.J. Watt you think of the Houston Texans. They are meant to be. However, with Bill O’Brien looking to trade big stars, the Steelers might be the recipient of a trade involving JJ Watt in the future, However, it is worth noting that JJ Watt is everything to Houston, the Walter Payton Man of the Year award winner received this for his contributions to Houston during their big hurricane not too long ago. It’s possible, but highly unlikely. Bill O’Brien will truly lose the favor of the fanbase if he makes that happen.

J.J. Watt would be the last piece of the Watt puzzle, having the three brothers would be a first in NFL history and make the Steelers even better. While trading for him would be very challenging because of the high cost, something that would be better for the Steelers is a friendly contract after the 2021 season when his contract with the Texans ends. He will be older, but still, he will still have some left in the tank to make the Steelers even better.

However, it is still hard to imagine him leaving the team he has been with his entire career, that city loves him. I know he loves them back, but would he really pass up the chance to play with his brothers in the Steel City? I’m not too sure.

JJ Watt faces a favorable matchup against a pretty questionable Steelers offensive line who has some injury concerns. I predict he will be a pretty big factor in the Texans success on Sunday Afternoon. It will be nice to see all the Watt brothers on Sunday. It would be even better if J.J. Watt could see all of Steeler Nation calling on him to join the Steel City after his contract expires.

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