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Will Bill Cowher coach again?

(Rich Gabrielson/Getty Images)

Bill Cowher who is a former Steelers’ Coach who needs no introduction, now spends time on the CBS NFL Show talking Football. After retirement from coaching, he truly has never left the game and it’s also good to see that he doesn’t bet against his former team. His name has been brought up in whispers about a return to coaching.

Bill is 63 years old. He could still do it if he wanted to. However, does he really though? His name a few months ago was linked to the New York Jets job. However, he seemed to deny that. However, did he entertain it a little bit? Perhaps. I just don’t think he will be leaving his CBS job for coaching anytime soon.

It’s a cool thought though, if he did come back for a few years it would be interesting to see where he would go. Maybe a future return to Pittsburgh? Probably not. However, it’s a very fun scenario to think about.

I think for him to come back he would need to be offered a crazy amount of money and a lot of incentives for him to come back and coach again. I don’t like talking about people’s salaries however, I believe he is making millions every year while with CBS so it would take a lot for him to leave and go elsewhere and go through the stresses of coaching again.

I’m honestly very happy that he didn’t go to the Jets. That is definitely a stressful job. I don’t know if I would want to see him anywhere else other than a Steelers’ uniform. However, if he decides to come back to coaching, I hope he finds success and happiness. I will definitely miss seeing him on CBS, however, it might be much cooler seeing him on the field doing what he loves again.

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