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Why did the Steelers bring in Derek Watt if they aren't going to use him?

Randy Fichtner has been on the record saying the Steelers would use Derek Watt more in the weeks to come, but they still haven't. Fichtner says the only reason why the Steelers haven't used Derek Watt as a fullback yet is that he fell behind during the offseason due to COVID-19 and coming off of an injury. It is Week 13 there should be no more excuses. Especially after today when the Steelers were on the 1-yard line and they couldn't punch the ball in. Why not use your fullback during that play? It's one freaking yard. Just another blunder by the Steelers! Anyway, let’s go back to what Fichtner said prior to the Jaguars game about Derek Watt.

“He’s ahead of it now,” Fichtner said. “It’s time to figure out how to use him the best. What can we get out of it? It’s got to be a part of our football going forward because, if nothing else, it will help potentially the run game and it will help in the play-action game.”

Well, three weeks have passed, and the Steelers still haven't figured out how to use him. The Steelers didn't bring Derek Watt into Pittsburgh on a 9-million-dollar contract with 3 million guaranteed just to play on special teams, did they? They have to start finding a way to utilize Derek Watt as a fullback because the running backs are not getting it done. That is another way to bring more balance to your offense. You should be able to use all of your tools at your disposal and not just stick to throwing the football if the running game is not working. The Steelers MUST incorporate Derek Watt into their offense, and they must do it ASAP.

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