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Who will win the AFC North?

As a Steelers fan, you want to say us. However, especially now, with three Heisman winning quarterbacks in the division, that seems like it will be a real challenge. Burrow, Mayfield and Jackson are all very talented and some of the best young stars in this league. Who possesses the biggest threat? I would have to say at this stage would have to be Jackson and the Ravens. He has an undeniable talent and he can beat you with his legs and his arm. No folks, he isn’t just another running back. He is 0-2 in the playoffs; he is not yet proven himself there but he can still dominate in the regular season. I expect Joe Burrow to cause some issues in the future. Personally, out of the three, I think he will have the better career.

Can we stop Jackson? Maybe. Our defense and our offense together with Ben Roethlisberger give us the best shot. However, Lamar Jackson is the league's next big superstar. My only concern with him is durability. He hasn’t had many issues at this time; however, I think there is always more of a risk when you are that mobile. It’s crazy to think that the Steelers could’ve picked him, however, we picked Terrell Edmunds instead. Edmunds has potential but can you imagine if we had Lamar Jackson? That would be crazy.

Having him would be great in all. However, Ben Roethlisberger has something Lamar doesn’t have yet. He has rings and playoff wins. I would gladly take the proven vet over Lamar Jackson in the playoffs. Which we might see this year depending on how all the chips fall in the end. Hopefully, the Steelers can sweep the Ravens this year, however, especially this year, that is all but certain. If the Steelers play well in all three phases of the game, expect some success against the “Rat Birds.” Still, they are the biggest threats in the AFC North by far. I expect some battles out of all teams though, but Ravens are a force to be reckoned with.

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