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Who should the Steelers draft in the 1st round this year?

Getty Images/ Chris Trotman

With the NFL draft right around the corner, and with the Steelers losing several key positions in free agency, all eyes look to the Steeler's first-round draft pick in April. Today I'm going to dive in and give you the top 3 players I think the Steelers will be looking at in the first round. Not necessarily the choices I would make, but the players I think Colbert will be deciding between on the clock on draft night.

Up first we have Najee Harris. Harris is an excellent power runner coming out of Alabama. Known for his incredibly high motor and ability to run through an opposing defense, Najee Harris fits the mold perfectly as a 3 down bell-cow running back that Mike Tomlin and the Steelers love to have. The best comp I can give for Najee is a mini Derrick Henry with a good receiving profile. He can do it all and is my number 1 rated running back in this draft class. I would be thrilled if the Steelers took Najee in the first round.

Next, we have any offensive lineman. It's obvious that the Steelers need help along the

O-line and after losing Pouncey to retirement, Feiler in free agency, and possibly more still the Steelers taking offensive line wouldn't be the sexiest pick in the world, but boy would it be useful. After an abysmal 32nd ranked running game last season, it's obvious that the Steelers need to overhaul the line. Pair this pick with a running back in the 2nd round and I'd be a big fan of this move.

Lastly, we have Travis Etienne. The proven running back out of Clemson is my number 3 ranked back in this draft class, but the Steelers have shown extreme interest throughout the draft process. Etienne has a very explosive running style and he has great hands. Etienne could easily become the best back in this class if he develops correctly and is used in the right system. Etienne has an awesome 3 down back skillset that would be great in Pittsburgh. The question is will the Steelers be willing to pay a first-round price tag on a running back like Etienne?

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