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Who’s the future, Smith-Schuster or Johnson?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

(Photo via Sarah Stier from Getty Images)

This is a tough one to write. As everyone here knows, JuJu is beloved by I’d say more than 90% of Steeler Nation. I know there are some harsh criticism, but he has been the player we needed to be. The Steelers are so great at drafting these Wide Receivers in the Second and Third Rounds of the NFL Draft.

This brings in Diontae Johnson, the Wide Receiver out of Toledo who came to us via the Antonio Brown Trade with the Now Las Vegas Raiders. He has been explosive In his first season and the short sample size we have seen this season.

He does have some issues though. In each of these two last games he has had a fumble. Whether it be the botched punt in week one or just a typical fumble. He has also had some miscommunications with Ben, but he is young and those things should be ironed out in time.

JuJu has also had some fumbles in big moments and Steelers Nation came down on him hard. Some of those were really good defensive plays though. He just can’t have that happen though. JuJu has only had two fumbles in his career, it just happens that these two have happened in really critical games. These fumbles were against the Saints and against the Ravens.

Johnson has had four fumbles in his career and two of those were lost. None of them were as critical as JuJu’s fumbles but still, there is still room for improvement for him In the future and the sky is the limit for him as he continues his career.

If I were to choose one I would still have to choose JuJu just because of the big moments he has had in his career with us thus far. He is just a personal favorite of mine at this present moment. However, with the Steelers cap issues potentially coming in the future, who knows if we are going to be able to keep him in the long term.

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