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Who is the bigger fraud? Jake Paul at 3-0 in Boxing or the Steelers 11-0 in the 2020 season?

What in the world did we witness Saturday Night in regards to Jake Paul vs MMA fighter Ben Askren? I'll tell you what we saw... An absolute circus. YouTuber Jake Paul has been picking his fights like he is Floyd Mayweather on steroids and it looks like it is paying off for him not picking a fight with an actual professional boxer.

You might ask what the heck does this have anything to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but let me remind you the Steelers went 11-0 during the 2020 season and then had a complete collapse toward the end. So who is the bigger fraud?

I would say Jake Paul is the biggest fraud and the 2020 Steelers don't even come close to that guy. In fact, I think Paul's fight with Askren was completely rigged from the beginning. Going 11-0 in the NFL is a hard thing to do, but once the Steelers were exposed they did not make the correct adjustments and got what was coming to them... A first-round exit in the Playoffs.

There is no doubt the Steelers are frauds in 2020, but I don't think they touch the surface in regards to Jake Paul. That guy is something else and he needs to get his ass kicked by a professional boxer as soon as possible so this circus can end.

Bigger fraud = Jake Paul.


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