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Whether you like it or not Mike Tomlin Deserved another Contract in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Steelers have recently announced they will extend Head Coach Mike Tomlin who has been with the organization since 2007. During Tomlin's time in Pittsburgh, he has not had one losing regular season with the Steelers as their head coach. The playoffs are a completely different story, but in 2020 they went 12-4 then won the AFC North. Unfortunately, their season ended early by being eliminated to the Cleveland Browns which was one of the Steeler's most embarrassing losses in playoff history.

I believe the Steelers made the right decision to keep Head Coach Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh. Especially for Ben Roethlisberger's last seasons. Ben has only played with one other coach during his career and it would be right for Ben to finish his career with Coach Tomlin. Many people will complain about Mike Tomlin's playoff performance (including us), but the reality is it is very hard to win in the NFL. That still shouldn't be an excuse for Mike Tomlin though. He still needs to figure out his playoff struggles going forward which is fair to ask of him.

Only Coach Belichick has been to more Super Bowls in this Centruy according to Ed Bouchette of the Athletic. Although there was a late-season collapse at the end of the 2020 season it still doesn't mean Mike Tomlin can't fix his issues heading into the 2021 season. That seems to be what the Steelers are doing during the 2021 offseason too. Especially in regards to coaching. The Steelers will walk into 2021 with a new offensive coordinator after Randy Fichtner failed miserably during his time in Pittsburgh. That could help them tremendously in regards to the offensive side of the ball. I also think that is what Mike Tomlin is banking on going into the 2021 season in regards to the Steelers offense.

Stability is another good reason why the Steelers decided to keep Mike Tomlin. Just ask the Cleveland Browns how many head coaches they have had over the years. Ultimately Art Rooney II decided to extend coach Tomlin to a three-year extension because he knows Tomlin is the best they can get at this point. That is exactly why the Pittsburgh Steelers have six Super Bowl Trophies in Pittsburgh because of stability.

The Steelers made the right decision to bring back Coach Tomlin at this point. Let Roethlisberger finish his career with the only coach he has played with and go into the unknown with Tomlin who knows the organization quite well to help rebuild their quarterback position just like Bill Cowher left Coach Tomlin.


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