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Where will Antonio Brown land?

(Photo obtained via Getty Images from Micheal Reaves)

With Antonio Brown eligible to return in two weeks, the league might decide to give the 32-year-old wideout a look to see if he would fit on their team. He should have numerous suitors. However, with his recent outbursts over the past few years. If I were a GM, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near my team.

Baltimore Ravens- It is said that AB has been friends with Lamar Jackson and Hollywood Brown is his cousin. I could see him going to Baltimore to possibly get a decent shot at a title and play with his cousin.

Dallas Cowboys- I think anywhere where Jerry Jones is gives Antonio a good chance to play again. The Cowboys will always be in play for a player like Antonio. I could see him going here even with a struggling Cowboys team that he could potentially make better.

Kansas City Chiefs- This one could happen; however, I think it’s unlikely. This team is pretty tied up salary cap wise. However, this signing could make them even better. Especially after signing Le’Veon Bell. You could call this team the Kansas City Steelers at that point. Out of the Killer B’s I would definitely take the 1/3 we got at this stage based on his play.

New England Patriots- I could see this guy strolling back into New England even without Tom Brady. I think he and Cam have a decent relationship and we could see the two uniting in the hunt for a playoff spot in that division which is now all the sudden more competitive.

Seattle Seahawks- Russell Wilson has often called for Antonio to be on his team. Despite all the bad press on him over the past couple years. I don’t know if the team would at this point because of their really hot start of the season. I just don’t see why they would want off their chemistry.

The Couch (nowhere)- This could happen. He’s not getting any younger and the dude is truly off the rails at times. I hope that he has taken care of his mind and his family during this time. I think him taking care of his mind would be better than playing football. However, I would rather him be back on the field than making music. I could see teams not even wanting to touch the guy because of team chemistry.


Miami Dolphins

Chicago Bears (Despite Barstool interview)

Steelers (Just kidding)

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