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Where are the Steelers most hated in the United States? There are Several States.

One of the biggest sports organizations in all of the sports is the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you've watched a road game with the Pittsburgh Steelers you would find out the team's fans travel the best in the NFL. You will often see this when the Steelers play in their opponent's stadium. It would look like a home game for the Steelers with all of the Terrible Towels waving around. One of those games was in San Diego when the Chargers played in California. Le'Veon Bell was on the Steelers at the time.

When you're one of the top teams in the NFL you're generally very popular, but what comes with being liked is being hated too. 'Geo Tagged' recently released their poll results on 'Every state's most hated NFL team in the United States.' The Ravens are hated the most in Pennsylvania which is not surprising. Many Steeler fans feel the Ravens are more of a rivalry than the Browns. The Browns are most hated in West Virginia. The Bengals are nowhere to be found on the United States Map.

It looks like the Steelers are the most hated AFC North team in their division. The Steelers are most hated in 8 different states compared to 1 state like the Ravens and Browns. The Steelers are hated in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland.

It is not surprising to see the Steelers being hated the most in Ohio because Brown's fans feel the Steelers are their biggest rival in the AFC North division. The way the Browns have played the Steelers lately shows how they take the Steelers every time they play them. The bottom line is there is no in-between with the Pittsburgh Steelers. You either love them or hate them and that is a good thing because that shows the Steelers are one of the most popular teams in all sports.

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