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What would TJ Watt's new contract look like?

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

TJ Watt's new contract would most likely be one of the biggest contracts the Steelers have ever dished out. I would expect TJ Watt to sign a five year contract valued well over $100,000,000. This season however, TJ is expected to make over $10,000,000 on his Fifth Year option. Honestly, the Steelers would be smart to lock him up this offseason however, it might not be possible with the current cap situation.

On his new deal however, I think he will be making over $25,000,000 million per season. That is a lot of money. He deserves it. I think his production will continue to improve as he keeps growing as a player and as a leader.

TJ Watt was also just snubbed from another Defensive Player of the Year Award. This really sucked. TJ really deserved it. However, somehow we knew it wouldn't go his way. I had a feeling. Aaron Donald is a heckuva player and I'm not denying that. However, TJ Watt was great this season statistically and he was held/doubled on most plays.

It's great to see that TJ Watt is already back in the lab working on getting better. Losing out on this honor twice in a row will surely motivate him to come back better in 2021. Which for him, I'm hoping he continues to break records and terrify Quarterbacks around the league.

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