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What would a TJ Watt contract look like?

TJ Watt is about to be a very rich man. Now that we know that Art Rooney II is talking about it, now it's time for the Renegade Blitz to talk about it. TJ Watt has been electric for the Steelers and it would be in our best interest to lock him up for a long-time.

What would his contract look like? Honestly, I think the Steelers will make history for themselves and for TJ Watt as a player. I think he will make more money than any Steeler Free Agent ever. I think he could be $20M+ per season. The salary cap is expected to get back up in the next few years. When that happens, the Steelers should give him that blank check.

According to Spotrac, which I clearly agree with here, they have him signing a $127,364,650 for 5 years. This makes him the highest-paid OLB. Personally, I think this deal could even eclipse that number and he could potentially be the highest-paid defensive player in the league.

This might seem like a ton of money. Well, it is. However, these new TV Deals and upward trajectory of the NFL make this deal a steal in the next few years. The value you are spending on the player will be well worth it in the end. TJ Watt is developing into being a leader on that Steeler Defense and I love it.

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