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What is Mason Rudolph's ceiling?

(Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Hear me out, if Ben is to retire, I think Mason Rudolph might actually end up being okay. This season would be his fourth year and I think the Steelers would end up being okay if he somehow ended up being the starter for 2021. Let me explain, the Cleveland Week 17 game showed me all I needed to see. I saw growth.

Mason Rudolph being the QB1 and handed the keys to the team would benefit him greatly. Whenever Ben is to retire, I would feel okay giving Mason a shot at leading the team. The risk/reward is worth it. If he somehow sucks and we get a high draft pick, that doesn't sound like a horrible thing.

If he somehow ends up being the next Quarterback for the Steelers? Well, would that be so bad? Would a seamless transition from Ben to Mason be a bad thing? Is this all a pipe dream? Most likely. Still, I think Mason deserves a chance. He's been here this long, I think we might as well see what he has.

If it all ends badly the Steelers can just let him walk and he will be on a different team in March and the Steelers can draft their next QB and see how it goes. Still, Steelers fans need to buckle up and get ready for some difficult and uncertain years in Pittsburgh.

Here We Go.

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