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What could a deal for JJ Watt look like?

(Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

JJ Watt is a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year winner and he’s definitely not the same player he once was. He failed to record over 5 sacks over the last two years. However, this is on a Texans team that has been pretty underwhelming. Especially this year, the team started off very poorly and really didn’t perform too standard.

However, I don’t see why the Texans would let their most decorated player in franchise history go. It’s crazy what’s happened to Houston lately. First, the city loses James Harden, JJ Watt and now they could be losing Deshaun Watson.

Now that Watt is finally a free agent, it’s now time for the Steelers to get a deal ready for him. He’s 31 years old and I still believe he could get another above 10 sack seasons, especially with as good of a defense he would be on now. I think he would accept a team-friendly deal in order to play with the Steelers. I’m hoping that he would accept a lighter contract to come to play.

After this year, the Steelers will have plenty of cap room and if he comes back to the Steelers on another deal, the Steelers would be able to take care of him better. The Steelers will just need to scrape the bottom of the barrel and get some money together.

I think the Steelers should offer him a 1-year deal with 5-10 million fully guaranteed. It would be very hard to get that money together. However, the Steelers will need that and more possibly more in order to get him signed. If a deal can be reached, the three brothers would terrorize the league for years to come.

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