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Ways the Steelers can get better in 2021

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

The Steelers Salary Cap situation is in pretty bad shape right now. However, there is still things the Steelers can do to improve themselves moving forward. I know all of these things might not be possible, however, they still need to be addressed regardless in order to contend in 2021 with the AFC North becoming more and more competitive.

Improve the Offensive Line

This is key. The Steelers Offense needs an overhaul, once thought as the best part of this team, now the Offensive Line is probably one of the biggest liabilities on the team. Maurkice Pouncey's overhead snap and Alejandro Villanueva poor play are very much holding this team back. It's really becoming problematic. Even if Pouncey doesn't end up retiring, the Steelers still need to find their future at center.

Reload the Defense

The defense has definitely been the strength of this team for the last two years. However, they could end up losing some big time players this offseason. Such as: Bud Dupree and Mike Hilton. These two guys could very well not be on our team next season and that will definitely hurt. So, I'm hoping the Steelers reload and find some players who can step up to the plate and be half as good as Mike Hilton and Bud Dupree. Hopefully we can keep them both. However, that probably won't happen. They both might decide to get paid elsewhere and if they do, more power to them!

Have a plan for after Roethlisberger

The Steelers seem to be giving Ben Roethlisberger another chance at a Super Bowl. This time, I do think they need a player under him that is ready to take the reigns if he struggles. I don't want that to happen. However, I don't think any of the Quarterbacks on the roster is the answer. So, perhaps look to the draft or further into Free-Agency to find that guy. I hope I'm wrong about this, I don't know if Dwayne Haskins can truly be the guy after Roethlisberger. I just want the Steelers to have a plan. It's time. Especially with the competition in the North.

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