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Watt says there has been no talk about Boyd's statement in Week 3 that the Steelers 'gave up'

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Clairton and Pitt product Tyler Boyd had a striking claim about the Steelers following the Bengals' 24-10 win at Heinz Field in September. Boyd said flat-out that the Steelers "gave up" at the end of the game.

"The last plays of the game, they gave up. You could see that. For a team to lay down like that... we're not giving up. They portrayed it to the whole nation... To go in there and bully them.."

Mike Tomlin put Boyd's statement to bed real quick when he spoke with the media that following Tuesday.

"I don’t care about Tyler Boyd’s opinion about what transpired at any point of that game," Tomlin said. Tomlin also noted that Boyd is entitled to his opinion but he doesn't have to respond to it.

With the rematch taking place at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday, a few Steelers were asked about Boyd's comments earlier this year, and like their head coach, they really didn't care.

“Nah, that just sounds nice after a ‘W.’ We ain't worried about what he said,” Fitzpatrick said

T.J. Watt's answer was even shorter when asked if the team has been talking about Boyd's Week 3 post-game rhetoric. "None."

Even third-year Bengals coach Zac Taylor admitted Friday that he wasn’t happy with Boyd’s remarks, and that he addressed it with the former Clairton High School and Pitt star.

Taylor said on Friday that the Bengals have tons of respect for the Steelers and Mike Tomlin and said Boyd’s comments about the Steelers giving up in the previous game aren’t who they are as a team

“We all know him. He’s a great dude,” Taylor said. “Just some things just come out of your mouth you're not just thinking through.

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