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Was Jarvis Jones the Steeler's Worst First-Round pick in Franchise History?

Very seldom do the Pittsburgh Steelers miss on their top picks in regards to a linebacker. They did with their first-round pick in 2013 with linebacker Jarvis Jones. There has been plenty of big first-round fails by the Pittsburgh Steelers and to name a few they're Mark Malone, John Rienstra, Gabe Rivera, Kendall Simmons, Bryon White, Huey Richardson, and Jermaine Stephens. You could name more, but I think you get the gist of it. The question is was Jarvis Jones the worst Steelers first-round pick in franchise history?

Right now as we stand here today I will say Jarvis Jones was the worst first-round pick in Steelers history during the Kevin Colbert era. There are plenty of worst first-round picks in Steelers franchise history rather than Jarvis Jones, but I would put him in the top-5 at this point.

In 4 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers Jones had only 6 sacks, 84 solo tackles, 46 assists, 11 tackles for losses, 17 quarterback hits, and 2 interceptions. After Jones's 2016 season he was unheard of. That is what you can call a first-round bust by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jones had the potential to come in and be dominant with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he just couldn't get it going. He did well during his rookie season in 2013 when he produced 41 tackles and a sack, but after his first season, it was downhill for Jones. He was hurt for more than half of the season in 2014 and in 2015 he only produced 29 tackles and two sacks.

Jones eventually ran out of time with the Steelers and his starting job was taken by James Harrison in 2016. After he tried to play with the Cardinals in 2017 he was eventually released in Week 1 before he could even play a snap with the organization. Jarvis Jones was one of the biggest draft busts in regards to the linebacker position, but he was not the biggest bust in Steelers franchise history.

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