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Was extending Tomlin the right move?

(Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

I think Mike Tomlin being extended was the right move. He's a good coach. He has the record to prove it. I just am concerned over his playoff performances. It's not all on him, however, he's the head coach. So, the blame falls rightfully on him.

Mike Tomlin has been coaching the Steelers for 14 years, he has a win/loss record of 145/78/1. He has a .650 W-L%. I think that's a good record for Tomlin.

However, as I said above, my only knock against Tomlin is his Playoff performance as a coach. He has an 8-8 record in the playoffs as a coach. I would definitely want to see him win a couple more playoff games in this three-year contract extension.

If Tomlin were to ever leave I would be pretty disappointed. However, it will be hard to argue against the Mike Tomlin doubters at that point. I want to see that next-level Tomlin once again. I'm hoping he is able to take us to our seventh Super Bowl victory.

I think Tomlin with this current roster has a solid shot at that. He and Colbert just need to get some hits in this draft to help us get there. I would also like to see him have a shot with someone other than Ben Roethlisberger at the helm. I would just like to see him get a shot at that.

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