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Vince Williams sends out a tweet that says 'He Hears the Streets Calling Him'

Does Vince Williams know something we don't know? Williams sent out a tweet saying 'I can hear the Streets calling' 11 hours ago and he has not returned to Twitter since. In several national media articles this offseason Vince Williams was named as one of the Steeler's top cap casualties heading into 2021. He is due $7 million dollars and if the Steelers do cut Vince they could save $4 million.

Gerry Dulac recently wrote an article talking about the Steelers cap situation with the Post Gazette. He said the Steelers have two options in regards to Vince Williams. Either take a pay cut or be released just like what happened to James Harrison in 2013 when the Steelers asked him to take a $3 million dollar pay cut from his $6.5 million dollar deal. Harrison refused to take the pay cut and eventually was released from the team. He then ended up with the Bengals. Is this what is going on with Vince Williams? It seems very unusual to tweet the 'Streets are calling,' if he doesn't feel like he will soon be cut... Hopefully, we hear soon what will happen to Vince Williams. He has been a very reliable linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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