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Vince Williams on the Steelers-Browns brawl from last year: 'We're completely past it'

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Mike Tomlin laid it out during his weekly Tuesday press conference in regards to the Mason Rudolph-Myles Garrett story, "We're not looking for that low-hanging fruit or reality TV storylines. This is a big game here in 2020."

Vince Williams and the organization as a whole have moved on from the altercation that took place last November in Cleveland. They are just singularly focused on 2020 and their game against the 4-1 Browns on Sunday at Heinz Field.

"We're completely past it," Williams said. "What happened in 2019 was 2019. We have enough problems to deal with this year. We're not really looking back. We're not looking in the rearview mirror and worrying about what happened last year."

Even though the Steelers are playing a division opponent in a highly competitive AFC North, Williams is not into all the hype. He just wants to win, regardless of who the opponent is.

"To be honest with you, from my perspective, I don't really think we pay attention to it," Williams said. "We just know that we have to go out there and whack the next opponent over the head."

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