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Tyson Alualu took less money from the Pittsburgh Steelers because he was happy in Pittsburgh

News broke Friday night that Tyson Alualu has had a change in heart and decided to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Alualu initially agreed to terms with the Jacksonville Jaguars on a two-year, $6 million dollar deal. Tyson decided to change his mind when his trip to Jacksonville was delayed because he had Covid-19. One of the big reasons why Alualu chose to stay was because his teammates decided to talk him into staying.

Another big reason why Alualu chose to stay is that he loves the City of Pittsburgh. He also built his dream house in Pittsburgh as well. The truth is he never wanted to leave Pittsburgh, but he thought the Jaguars' offer was too good to pass up. Alualu's kids are still in school in Pittsburgh and in one week they will be moving into their dream home. So it only made sense to re-sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Alualu ended up signing the same offer the Pittsburgh Steelers had on the table from the beginning. It was less than what the Jaguars offer was for. Although the Steelers have lost many starting defensive players in the 2021 offseason this helps the Steelers overcome some of their needs going into the 2021 NFL draft. Although Alualu will turn 34 this coming season he seems to be playing better than he ever has with the Steelers stout defensive line. Finally, the Steelers received some much-needed good news on an offseason that has been dreadful. Welcome back Tyson Alualu.

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