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Tyler Boyd and Mike Hilton call out the Steelers

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

The Bengals had a dominating 24-10 win over the Steelers at Heinz Field yesterday, and two Bengals players with Pittsburgh connections are rubbing it into the Steelers' faces.

Former Steelers cornerback Mike Hilton said yesterday's win over his former team was definitely personal. "Defensively, we had them confused and frustrated," Hilton said via Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Hilton was a captain for yesterday's game and was active on social media after the win. He also taunted the fans by waving bye. I understand that Hilton might have felt a certain way about the Steelers not giving him a new contract, but it was strictly business. The Steelers had cap issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic and decided to use their money elsewhere. It's nothing personal. But, obviously, Hilton thinks differently.

Fans are different, there are a lot of trolls out there who give Hilton flak for signing with the Bengals. But he was just doing what's best for him and his family. They offered the most money. I just think it's a stretch for Hilton to say that the Steelers didn't value him. After all, it was the Steelers who took a chance on him after he was cut by two teams as an undrafted free agent.

While Hilton has some bitter feelings toward his old team, Clairton native and Pitt product Tyler Boyd had some strong words for the Steelers, as he claimed that the Steelers "gave up" at the end of yesterday's game.

"The last plays of the game, they gave up. You could see that. For a team to lay down like that... we're not giving up. They portrayed it to the whole nation... To go in there and bully them.."

Steelers players need to make note of what Boyd and Hilton are saying about them for when they play again in Week 12. They’re getting publicly called out for quitting. If that doesn't fire up the Steelers, I don't know what will.

I hope the media asks Mike Tomlin about Boyd and Hilton's comments tomorrow. Boyd's statement is alarming, but there is some truth to it, sadly.

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