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'Twas the Night before the Draft

Happy Draft Eve to all of Steelers Fans! Finally, we can almost put away all of the mock drafts and see what the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to do. There have been many top prospects linked to the Steelers organization and they have met with many different players over the course of the pre-draft process. Some prospects will fall to the Steelers, and some will not. Just know that is ok and is all part of the draft process.

There have been many rumors in regards to the Steelers and we have tried to bring them all to you during the 2021 offseason. I want you to know the Steelers are extremely unpredictable when it comes to the NFL draft, but they're good at what they do so no matter what the front office decides to do I trust their thought process and you should too.

With that said I am hoping Najee Harris will be the Steeler's first pick in the NFL draft this year. He may not make it to the Steelers, but if he does I would hope they would not pass on him. They have shown the most interest in Najee during this draft and although they have shown the most interest in him it doesn't mean he won't be taken by the Dolphins or the Jets. I believe the road to Najee Harris will run through Miami and New York.

If Najee is taken before the Steelers draft in the first round it could be a good idea to trade back and try to get more draft capital as the Steelers only have 8 draft picks heading into the 2021 NFL draft. Do not freak out if Harris is taken because there is a good possibility he won't be there, but know there are going to be other premier running backs and prospects for the Steelers to take by the time they do end up drafting. Travis Etienne, Javonte Williams, Zaven Collins, Teven Jenkins, Sam Cosmi.... I could go on and on, but I guarantee there will be one for the Steelers.

The Steelers need to almost be perfect with their draft picks this year because they have lost some key talent especially on the defensive side of the ball. Don't even get me started with the offensive side of the ball because they need all they can get going into this draft after their abysmal performance during their 2020 season.

Whether sports analysts want to admit it or not if the Steelers can fix their offensive line and get a premier running back in the NFL draft they will be a contender going into the 2021 season... Even with a 39-year-old quarterback who showed he can throw the football 50 times a game and try to put the offense on his back in 2020. Just imagine that quarterback with an actual offensive line and running back in 2021...

So tomorrow wake up, get your coffee, put on your Steelers gear, and enjoy your day because we finally get to see the Steelers back in action through the 2021 NFL Draft. The good thing about tomorrow is we can finally take that horrible taste out of our mouth after the Steelers lost to the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field in the playoffs in 2020 and move onto a new season. One where we might see our franchise quarterback walk away at the end of playing with the Steelers organization for 18 seasons. So it's time to hop back onto that Steeler rollercoaster ride and hope the Steelers can bring number 7 to the City of Pittsburgh in 2021. HERE WE GO STEELERS!


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