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Tulsa LB Zaven Collins says he 'loves Coach Tomlin' during a Zoom Call

It looks like the Steelers are really trying to find a linebacker to pair with Devin Bush in the 2021 offseason. Right now the Steelers only have Spillane, Bush, and Miller at linebacker. That could mean the Steelers are in line to draft a solid linebacker in the 2021 NFL draft. One of those solid linebackers is Zaven Collins. This kid is special because he is very versatile. You can line him up inside or line him up on the edge it doesn't matter he is fast and will produce at an elite level from those two positions.

The Steelers need to start bringing in versatile football players on the defense because that will allow them to start disguising Minkah Fitzpatrick and other players. Minkah is very rarely targeted on the football field and when you have versatile guys you can end up disguising them to throw their opponent's quarterback off base in football games. That will create even more turnovers during the football game.

The whole Steelers coaching staff has met with Zaven Collins and in a zoom call today Collins says he loves Coach Mike Tomlin who is a great dude with great energy and a great personality.

Collins on Coach Tomlin during his zoom meeting: "I love Coach Tomlin. Great dude. Great energy. Great personality. It was awesome meeting all of them. I really feel blessed."

Although Micah Parson's has been considered one of the best linebackers in the 2021 NFL draft... Zaven Collins has been getting a lot of attention lately. Could he become a first-round prospect in the 2021 NFL draft? Absolutely, but I would love it if Collins fell in the second round so the Steelers could snatch him up. Collins is a very valuable prospect in the 2021 NFL draft, but the Steelers desperately need help at the offensive line and running back positions. They ended up finishing last in the 2020 season in regards to running the football and Art Rooney II does not want to see that happen again.

"By now, Collins is a bonafide first-round prospect. There is the possibility that he slips into Round 2. However, Collins is highly-rated across the board. He will likely see similar value by the NFL. Although he doesn’t have great natural speed, Collins has a lot of other crucial traits. He also possesses elite size for a linebacker. That will undoubtedly help him pass the eye test for NFL scouts."

"In a regular offseason, the NFL Combine would present a challenge for Collins. His speed could show exposure in a normal Combine setting. However, since pro days will serve as the main information gathering events this offseason, Collins may benefit from better numbers. Regardless, Collins’ speed isn’t a major concern, either way. He has enough in his toolbox to compensate."

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