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Troy Polamalu will Return to Heinz Field in 2021 and is Repairing his Relationship with the Steelers

There once was a time when Troy Polamalu was the face of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was one of the best safeties to ever play the game of football in the NFL. Now he will be enshrined into Football Immortality in August as a First-Ballot Hall of Famer.

Although Polamalu retired with the Pittsburgh Steelers he didn't get a chance to go out on his own. In my opinion, Polamalu is just as legendary as Ben Roethlisberger in the City of Pittsburgh and I feel the Steelers should have allowed him to retire the way Ben Roethlisberger is going out, but I must admit the Quarterback position is much more valuable than the Safety position. Regardless the Steelers should have done the right thing and allowed him to go out how Polamalu wanted to.

After Polamalu retired in 2015 with the Steelers he took a lot of time away from the game of football and his relationship with the Steelers was not good because of how they made him retire. Let's just say their relationship was very rocky and complicated for many years. Well, it looks like in the year 2021 both sides will put their differences aside and Polamalu will be returning to Heinz Field for a couple of games in 2021.

During many media sessions, this offseason Polamalu said it was not his decision to retire from the Pittsburgh Steelers. At the end of the day, he still is very grateful the Steelers forced him out because looking back at the situation it was the perfect opportunity for him to retire. Now Polamalu is at peace with that decision.

During today's zoom meeting with the media today he said for the first time in six years he will be returning to Heinz Field this year. Polamalu said, "God willing, this season my family and I will be able to make it back to Pittsburgh for a couple of games, at least."

That is huge news for Steelers fans because many of Yinz were wondering when the Steelers and Polamalu were going to ever fix their relationship... It has never been the same since Polamalu retired in 2015. Now he will return to Heinz Field. I am beyond happy the Steelers and Troy Polamalu are rebuilding their relationship. It has been long overdue!

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