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Troy Polamalu: 'Pittsburgh to me is home. That's really the best way that I can explain it'

(Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Troy Polamalu is one of the greatest Steelers of all time and is incredibly popular among the fan base. You never hear a bad word about Polamalu. He's just such a likable human being.

Polamalu was asked about his popularity among Steelers Nation yesterday at his Pro Football Hall of Fame press conference and in typical Polamalu fashion, he gave a humble answer.

"I'm not sure about the popularity," Polamalu said. "I can tell you why I'm a fan of certain athletes, but in terms of what Pittsburgh means to me, it's tough to separate Pittsburgh fans from the city of Pittsburgh. I think anyone who grows up in Pittsburgh understands that if you're in Pittsburgh and you're not a Steelers fan, you're not from Pittsburgh. You're just kinda like a passerby. So it's kind of hard to separate the two."

Polamalu revealed a few weeks ago in an interview with Andrew Stockey of WTAE that his two sons are "Yinzers," and he reiterated that the Steel City is home for him.

"Pittsburgh to me is home. That's really the best way that I can explain it," Polamalu said. "I've lived there longer than I've lived anywhere in my life. It served as one of the most significant places in my life. It's where I grew. It's where my wife and I were married. It's where I learned about spirituality. It's where I became Greek Orthodox as well. So there's so much about Pittsburgh. It's home. It's really the only way that I can explain it. I don't feel so much of a connection as much as a sports town hero, or any of these sort of things, as much as I'm just another member of a community there."


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