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Troy Polamalu has turned 40 years old today

It almost seems like yesterday when Steelers fans were witnessing greatness on the football field. Troy Polamalu was a one-of-a-kind football player who was constantly all over the football field. It is a shame the Steelers and Polamalu have not rekindled their relationship to this point, but I can understand how Polamalu feels especially with how things ended in Pittsburgh. That still doesn't stop Steeler fans from recognizing greatness when they see it on the football field. I hope one day the Steelers and Polamalu can put their differences aside and we can see both sides reunite one day.

Polamalu turned 40 years old today. Time flies when you're having fun just ask Troy Polamalu. He will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame soon. Troy deserves every single accolade that comes with professional football because he was one of the best football players to play in the NFL. I am glad he was voted in as a First Ballot Hall of Famer instead of making him wait. It was the right decision.

His former teammate Brett Keisel took to Twitter today and said he wishes he could give Polamalu a big Birthday hug like after this game-clinching play. Then Keisel wished him a Happy Birthday. I think a lot of his former teammates recognize Troy every year around his birthday because he was one of the best teammates they have ever had.

There was no-nonsense when it came to Polamalu. He just wanted to show up and play football to the best of his ability. He left it all on the field and that is exactly why he deserves to be forever inducted into Football Immortality. There will never be another player like Troy Polamalu.

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