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Tony Pauline on the Steelers: “The number one player they’re after is Najee Harris”

Much of the National Media think the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to get a running back very early on in the 2021 NFL draft. They could be right, but if the Steelers end up drafting a first-round running back that would be a rare draft pick for the organization. The Steelers typically love to draft defensively early on and then they find gems later on in the draft for the offensive side of the ball. I think things have gotten so bad in regards to their running game that they need to start looking at drafting early on the offensive side of the ball in these next couple of drafts in 2021 and 2022 especially if they want to fix their offensive line.

One prominent sports analyst thinks the Steelers will use their No. 24 pick in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft on a running back. Tony Pauline feels the Steeler's number one player they're after is Najee Harris. He feels Harris is the perfect fit for the Steeler's identity and mentions if the Steelers do end up with Harris they will get a three-down back which they need.

Pauline continued to say the Steelers have a big gaping need at the running back position. He also says that is the guy they're keying on. The two other players Pauline says the Steelers are interested in are Tevin Jenkins and Landon Dickerson. Regardless I still believe the Steelers will need a premier running back in the first two rounds of the 2021 NFL draft. Every time they draft a running back after the second round it doesn't seem to work out for them. Just look at how James Conner panned out with the Steelers.


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