Trey Lance would fit perfectly in Matt Canada's Offense in Pittsburgh

Trey Lance is undoubtedly one of the most underrated prospects heading into the 2021 NFL draft. The Steelers could have a shot at Trey Lance if the Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos decide to pass up on him with the 7th and 9th selections in the NFL draft. The potential of the Steelers trading up to the 10th spot with the Dallas Cowboys to draft Trey Lance is a very good possibility. That could be the only way the Steelers could do it because Lance will not last until pick 24. I would be shocked if he fell that far.

The quarterback position is evolving at the NFL level. The day of the statues sitting back in the pocket and looking for a wide receiver to get open is over with. The game has evolved for mobile players like Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, and Josh Allen. Drafting a quarterback who can create inside the pocket and outside the pocket holds longer-term investment rather than just a pocket passing quarterback.

Trey Lance developed to the quarterback position much differently than most QB's who become top prospects. In high school, he was at Marshall High where he weighed less than 200 pounds and played both the quarterback and safety positions. His senior year of high school was the only year he started to become the starting quarterback. Only one Division I-A college football team was interested in Trey Lance because he wasn't fully developed into a Quarterback.

North Dakota State became an intriguing option for Trey Lance in College because they developed Carson Wentz as well. NDSU was a known dynasty at the FCS level as well. In 2019 Trey Lance threw 0 interceptions all season long. In 2020 he only played in a showcase game due to Covid-19. Surprisingly he threw a pick during the showcase game which has been rare from Lance.

Lance is an elite athlete who not only can create plays outside of the pocket he also has an arm that can throw the ball 70-yards downfield. As a runner, he carries a lot of momentum and physicality, and he can explode upfield if given space. As a passer, his mobility allows him to evade pressure and create off-script according to Pro Football Network.

Matt Canada's offense is very unpredictable. Trey Lance running the football can be very unpredictable just like Patrick Mahomes at times. He looks to create the extra play when he is outside of the pocket. He can also throw the ball down-field with ease finding the deep-threat the Pittsburgh Steelers love to look for. Surprisingly, Trey Lance's arm seems to be the most impressive tool in his toolbox when it comes to playing the quarterback position.

The one thing Lance can bring that Ben Roethlisberger couldn't is moving outside of the pocket. Yes, Ben Roethlisberger could run out of the pocket, but he looked like a turtle and it was an awesome sight to see every time Ben did it. The bottom-line is Trey Lance will fit into Matt Canada's Offense perfectly as a Dual-Threat Quarterback. He would be deadly in his system.

Lance could be a little raw coming into the NFL, but I think in no time he would develop into a very good NFL quarterback with the right football team. Pro Football Focus and Pro Football Network both agree that Trey Lance will be a great investment for many years to come in the National Football League.

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