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Top Landing Spots for James Conner heading into the 2021 offseason

James Conner has one of the best stories in the NFL. He is a great person on and off of the football field. One of the biggest issues when it comes to James Conner is staying healthy on the football field. James was a great backup running back for the Steelers and he did play well at times being a starter, but it seems the wear and tear of the National Football League really took a toll on James. He has much left to prove in the NFL.

Where will the best landing spots for Conner be during the 2021 NFL offseason?

Seattle Seahawks would be a great fit for Conner. If Chris Carson decides to leave town the Seahawks can bring in Conner and pair him up with another running back. Conner seems to be used best with the running back by committee option. That would take the wear and tear away from James.

Buffalo Bills would be another great fit for Conner. The Bills were one win away from heading to the Super Bowl in 2020. If Conner ended up with the Bills he would instantly be on a team that is competing for a Super Bowl. The Bills need to build their running game up more and I have a feeling if the Steelers decide to pass up on Najee Harris if he's available at pick 24 there is a good chance Harris could become a Buffalo Bill. That would be a great tandem in Buffalo if they got Conner, Moss, and Harris.

Pittsburgh Steelers would be a good fit to return to if the price is right. Conner would need to take a significant pay cut in order to play for the Steelers and he would be required to be a backup running back. I know some may cringe at this idea, but if you look at how Conner performed as a backup for the Steelers before he became a starter he did pretty well. Granted if the Steelers decided to bring Conner back I would like to see him on a shorter deal.

Miami Dolphins have the cap space to add James Conner. The Dolphins look to be the best team set up for success in the AFC coming into the 2021 season. Granted they would like to add a better running back, but why not add a prospect at running back and bring in Conner as well. Then the Dolphins would be secure at the running back position for years to come.

New York Giants make sense especially with Saquon Barkley coming back from an ACL injury. The Giants need to find a better backup running back heading into the 2021 season. Conner could instantly fill in better than anyone they have at running back if Barkley were to go down again in the near future.

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