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Tomlin: The Steelers didn't deserve to win against Washington

A day after the Steelers lost to the Washington Football Team Coach Tomlin had a very interesting Press Conference. Tomlin brought up the Steeler's struggle with the run especially when they couldn't get the ball in on the one-yard line. He did not shy away on how he felt after the game and even said the Steelers didn't deserve to win against Washington.

"I live by the coaching creed, 'If you can't get a yard, you don't deserve to win, That was the case for us in this game. We had several sequences where we had an opportunity if we gained a yard, it was significant in terms of the development of the outcome of the game, but we were unsuccessful."

Tomlin is right the Steelers didn't deserve to win the game, but the Steeler's injuries have been piling up week in and week out. Not making excuses for the Steelers, but the truth be told they're losing key players each week it seems. The Steelers ended up dropping 7 passes and only averaged 1.5 yards per carry with 21 yards rushing for the entire game. The Steelers became one-dimensional against the Washington Football Team. Tomlin addressed the drops during the press conference as well.

"They can catch the ball or they can get replaced by those who will catch it," Tomlin said. "It's just as simple as that. As I have often said, I expect guys to make routine plays routinely. When there is a pattern of that not happening, then we have to look at who we are throwing the ball to."

Tomlin said what he said. If the Steelers can't catch the ball then they can be replaced. Basically, he said if you can't do your job then you won't have a job. This is the type of tone Tomlin needs to strike if the Steelers want to have a chance at getting to the Super Bowl. It's win or bust at this point for Ben Roethlisberger and Tomlin knows it. The Steelers are a very talented team who seem to inflict their own self-harm at times. Luckily they have overcome those self-inflicted wounds and won 11 games this season. Well, they couldn't overcome them this time with the Washington Football Team. This could be good for the Steelers to accept the loss and move on taking the pressure off of the team being undefeated. Tomlin seemed to be relieved after the game because of these reasons, but today he changed the tone because the Steelers know they have a tough game coming up against the Buffalo Bills Sunday. The Steelers need to show up and prove they're a legit contender Sunday by getting a win against the Buffalo Bills. That could put them back on track toward their goal of gaining a Super Bowl Trophy by the end of the Season.

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