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Tomlin says Josh Dobbs could be featured in the Steelers Playoff Plans

The Pittsburgh Steelers ended up losing to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Mason Rudolph played a ton of reps, but Josh Dobbs was being used for running plays against the Browns. Dobbs was effective in picking up first downs and the Steelers offense was finally starting to get creative. Tomlin did say after all Dobbs did rush for 831 yards at Tenessee.

“We thought his mobility could be an X-factor,” Tomlin said. “It is a little-known trivia fact that Dobbs ran for 831 yards his last college season at Tennessee, so running it is an asset to him.”

Tomlin was asked after the game if he would use Dobbs in any of their offensive plans going forward into the playoffs? Tomlin said it is a possibility they could use Dobbs in their offensive gameplan against the Browns in the playoffs. The question is whether Mike Tomlin is truly channeling his inner New Orleans Saints or is this just to throw the Cleveland Browns off in preparing this week for their playoff game?

The most interesting statistic of the day is Josh Dobbs had the longest run of the day today against the Browns. It was a 13-yard run beating out all of the Steeler's running backs for the longest run of the day. He also had a 7-yard run as well. The Steelers would be smart to use Dobbs going forward. It would force the other teams to game plan for him. Mike Tomlin said he was appreciative of Dobb's efforts today and he had an opportunity to put his hand in the pile and be a positive contributor. We wouldn't be surprised if this isn't the last time we see Dobbs in some run packages down the road.

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