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Tomlin receives praise for speaking with the opposing team's media members, which isn't required

(Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Unlike past years, NFL head coaches aren't required to talk to the opposing team's media members leading up to a game. A lot of coaches like Urban Meyer of the Jaguars, choose to not take the time and talk to media members outside of the city they coach in.

Mike Tomlin isn't one of those coaches, however. Tomlin was asked today why he chose to

speak with the Broncos local media, and his response was very thoughtful.

"Because I want to support my beat guys and if my beat guys are being accommodated then I will take care of the opposing team and I just think that's the right approach to have," Tomlin said via George Stoia III of the Denver Gazette. "We're all in the same ecosystem and obviously, our agendas are different, but I've got respect for the work our people do and so, if they're being taken care of then I intend to always take care of the opposing media market and that will always be my approach."

A lot of national media members and Pittsburgh reporters commented on Tomlin's quote via Stoia. And even Woody Paige from ESPN's Around The Horn and the Denver Gazette chimed in and he had some harsh words for Meyer, who has struggled in Jacksonville and got caught in a controversy recently where he was getting danced on by a college girl at a Columbus, Ohio bar. Meyer is married and has three kids.

Tomlin a class act," Paige tweeted. "Guess which coach didn’t talk to opposing media. He’ll not be talking to anyone soon because he’ll be out of the league and can hang out at his bar every night."

Wood Paige from the top rope ...

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