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Tomlin personally called Terrell Edmunds and told him they were not picking up his Fifth-Year Option

The Pittsburgh Steelers are making it know that they will not be picking up Terrell Edmund's fifth-year option in 2021. This morning Edmunds sat down with the media before showing up to the Steeler's first day of mini-camp and said Mike Tomlin personally called him to tell him the Steelers were not going to pick up his fifth-year option. That is the first time anyone has heard Tomlin called Edmunds personally.

Edmunds will remain under contract through the 2021 season but could be an unrestricted free agent in 2022 if the Steelers do not come to terms on a new deal in the future. The Steelers have always liked what Edmunds brings on the football field, but apparently, they do not feel he has lived up to the hype and will not be taking on his fifth-year option. That does not mean they could re-sign him during the 2022 season it just seems like they don't think Edmunds is worth the $6.7 million cap hit in 2022.

It was a no-brainer to pick up Minkah Fitzpatrick's fifth-year option by the Steelers for the 2022 season because the 'Minkah Effect' has been felt in Pittsburgh. Put it this way in regards to production... Minkah Fitzpatrick was targeted just 18 times during the 2020 season and allowed only 7 receptions while Terrell Edmunds was targeted 50 times and allowed 28 receptions. That tells you NFL teams are afraid to throw toward Fitzpatrick's side of the field and feel very comfortable throwing Edmund's way.

I personally feel it is a great idea to personally call Terrell Edmunds and tell him the Steelers were not going to pick up his fifth-year option. It's nothing personal, but I hope it fires up Edmunds to be better during the 2021 season, especially with it being a contract year for him. I think the Steelers do really like Terrell Edmunds, but they would like to see more production on the football field from him. This definitely is a way for the Steelers to motivate him to be better on the football field in 2021and I hope their plan works out.


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