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Tomlin is not looking for perfection with the Steelers, just wins.

What a game the Steelers had today. They were far from perfect, but all that matters is they won. This is the first time the Steelers have been 4-0 since 1979. Had the Titans not messed up the Steelers could have even been 5-0 today, but let's not get into all of that right now. We are moving forward. Tomlin started his post-game press conference saying he was excited to get the victory, but they were far from perfect. He continued to say penalties are hurting the Steelers. Missed tackles were another issue he brought up as well.

"I'm really excited to get the victory, It's never easy in the NFL. Got to give Philadelphia a lot of credit, man, they tested us. Their ability to convert third downs offensively I thought was a significant component of the game. Some of it was self-inflicted by us in penalties and missed tackles and so forth. You've got to give their guys credit. They had a good plan, good execution of the plan, and that allowed them to maintain possession of the ball and keep us at bay and stay in it, but I like our guys. Collectively, they fought well together. They complemented one another in all three phases of the game. Had a lot of good contributions from a lot of people. Young guys getting an opportunity to contribute."

Tomlin continued to say Claypool had a big game, but also praised Kevin Dotson as well. He is really happy with how the younger guys are developing.

"Claypool, obviously, was a guy that had a big game. But more subtle contributions like Kevin Dotson being called up to step up for David DeCastro. We appreciate the development of those guys. We've got to continue to grow and develop as a team, not only in terms of skills relative to our positions but our division of labor, our understanding of situational ball. All the while, we've got to do enough to win in the process, and thankful we've been able to do that."

Although Tomlin praised Chase Claypool for having a big game he said a lot of it might not even have to do with him and his skillset. Come on Tomlin let the Rookie have his day.

"Let's be honest, a lot of it might not even have to do with him and his skillset, We've just got a well-balanced attack. We've got guys that people have to account for, guys like JuJu, guys like Diontae and Ebron. I just think that he's probably a good matchup for whoever people have assigned to him from a man-to-man standpoint. That's the strength of having a deep group of guys that are capable of making plays. Week in and week out, there are going to be different guys that step up just based on the matchups presented. He had a good matchup this week."

Coach Tomlin seems like he is happy about being 4-0, but there is much improvement for his team. Penalties have been a major issue. Granted there were quite a few penalties called that were absolutely bogus. Claypool should have had 5 touchdowns today, but they called offensive pass interference on him. That was an awful call by the referees. Overall it shouldn't matter right now because the Steelers are 4-0 and onto the Browns!

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