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Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin, and Matt Canada are attending Clemson's Pro Day

(Karl Walter/Getty Images)

It's Draft season folks, with no NFL Combine this year, these Pro Days are going to end up being very important to players who want to possibly improve their draft stock. This was reported by Andrew Grover and there are a total of 31 NFL teams at the Pro Day.

Could this mean the Steelers have interest in Trevor Lawrence? Ha. No. However, the Steelers should take a good look at Travis Etienne. I think he could possibly be a good fit with the Steelers if Najee Harris is somehow off the board before the Steelers are able to get him. I think Etienne is in the same caliber as Harris.

There are plenty of other players out there that the Steelers could keep an eye on. You have Amari Rodgers, Jackson Carman and a handful of others. It's good to see that the Steelers are doing their homework and hopefully figuring out who can be the next Steeler.

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