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The One Year Anniversary of the Steelers Acquiring Minkah Fitzpatrick

One year ago, the Steelers traded a First Round Pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick. Much of the media was not happy about the Steelers sending over a First Round Pick for Minkah. Boy were they wrong. The Steelers defense gave up 640 passing yards and allowed 61 points just in the first two weeks of the season. Once Minkah was acquired from the Dolphins he contributed right away. In Week 3 against the 49ers, he Intercepted Garoppolo, had four tackles, and even forced a fumble. The following week Minkah Intercepted his former team and took it to the house 96 yards for a Touchdown.

By the end of the season of 2019 with the Steelers Fitzpatrick had 57 combined tackles, 21 assists, 5 Interceptions, and 130 yards once recovering the ball from Interceptions. The Steelers stole Minkah from the Dolphins and gained a Top Safety in the NFL. The Steelers eventually went 8-8 with two mediocre backup Quarterbacks as the Defense held up the Steelers all season long in 2019.

Minkah heading into his second season says he is more comfortable in the Steelers system now because he was ‘learning on the fly’ last season.

“I was learning on the run, learning on the fly,” Fitzpatrick said, looking back, “but my teammates and coaches helped me a whole lot.”

Fitzpatrick says this season is completely different from last season because he was learning the playbook and his teammates.

“This year is the total opposite end of the spectrum, “I didn’t know the playbook at all last season. I didn’t know my teammate very well. This year is a different story, the total opposite.”

Minkah is very happy in Pittsburgh he feels he is more comfortable in the system. He says the Steelers don’t try and do too much and don’t change it up week to week. Fitzpatrick says the Steelers run what they run, and they do it well.

"I am comfortable on the field. They just allowed me to play fast and do what I do," Fitzpatrick said in October of his role in Pittsburgh. "That is the thing I like about here -- we run what we run, and we run it well. We don't try to do too much, don't try to change it up week to week."

We are looking forward to seeing what Minkah brings in 2020. Expect the Steelers All-Pro Safety to thrive in the Steelers Elite System with more interceptions, tackles, touchdowns and, much more in 2020. Pittsburgh should consider making Minkah Fitzpatrick a Steeler for life because he is a once in a lifetime player.

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