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To Infinity and Beyond with Josh Dobbs

A legit question should be asked to Josh Dobbs every time he has an interview... Why the hell are you playing football? Dobbs is an actual Rocket Scientist. He graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Not many athletes can say they have a degree like Dobbs. Not many players can say what they're going to do after football either, but Josh knows exactly what he plans to do. He says he always loved Math and Science so that is why he wanted to pursue a degree in Aerospace.

Josh Dobbs on his Aerospace Degree: “When I went to college, I wanted to major in something that I had a passion for,” Dobbs said. “Growing up, I was always fascinated with aviation and I always succeeded in math and sciences, so aerospace engineering was right up my alley.”

Today Josh Dobbs got to speak to three crew members aboard the ISS. He witnessed the crew throwing the football in space as well.

"It's a little harder than you think," said Commander Glover of tossing the football around. "Not having gravity makes it a little tougher to throw a nice spiral at your intended target."

Much of the conversation was revolved around STEM education and the importance of engineering.

"You guys are living out all of our childhood dreams right now," Dobbs told the crew.

"How is it going in space?"

"Welcome to the Steelers organization and all of the fans," said Commander Glover. "We've been up here as Crew 1 for just over 60 days and it's going great so far. We've got a family up here. There is a crew of seven of us and it's great to be up here, a fellowship. We think about folks on Earth a lot of the time and how things are going down there."

Josh was able to put his knowledge on display with several astronauts during a webinar this afternoon. It was very entertaining to see and it was broadcasted to the world. It is not every day that a Football Organization like the Steelers gets the time to speak to astronauts as Dobbs did. It really showed how much love Josh Dobbs has for Aerospace. He has a bright future after football.

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