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TJ Watt told his Brother JJ Watt that Kyler Murray is one of the Fastest Quarterbacks in the NFL

The JJ Watt Sweepstakes has finally come to an end. He has signed with the Arizona Cardinals for 2-years $31 million dollars with $23 million guaranteed. JJ Watt said he would have welcomed playing with his brothers in Pittsburgh, but the Cardinals took the clear advantage in the final days, and Pittsburgh has much to figure out with their current cap situation.

JJ Watt recently sat down with Adam Schefter and discussed many topics including why he chose the Arizona Cardinals. During the interview, JJ Watt said his brother told him that Kyler Murray is one of the fastest quarterbacks in the NFL he has played. The last time TJ Watt played Kyler Murray was December 8th, 2019 in Arizona. Watt ended the game with 0 sacks, but he picked off Murray in the end zone for an interception! Murray may be fast, but Watt still picked one from him!

JJ Watt on the Adam Schefter Podcast: "I was talking to my brother TJ Watt about a game that he played against him last year, he's like, 'That guy is extremely fast.'"

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