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TJ Watt says he loves the Steelers, his Coaches, and his Teammates won't Comment on Contract Talks

There is an unspoken rule from the Steelers organization in regards to contracts. If they do not get a contract done during the offseason and the season starts they generally do not discuss contracts extensions during the season. If I were the Pittsburgh Steelers I would change that rule for this season in regards to TJ Watt. He is a one-of-a-kind player who should be a Steeler for life.

TJ Watt took on some questions yesterday by the media after practice but was hesitant on certain questions. He was asked if a contract extension will get done with the Steelers this offseason. That seems to be one of the biggest questions to him during this offseason... Watt won't budge on the question though. He said, "That's not for me to say and that's pretty much all I will say about that."

It seems apparent that the Steelers have at least opened up dialogue with TJ Watt about a contract extension, but beyond that, no one knows how things are going. Mike Tomlin did comment on the situation yesterday in regards to TJ Watt saying, "I am sure that process will run its course, and then we will have something to report."

Right now TJ Watt is trying to acclimate his body back into the game of football so he was limited in his first practice, but said it was not because of an injury. TJ has never considered holding out if the Steelers are not able to get a contract extension done this offseason. He will go about his business as if he were on a long-term contract.

Watt ended his media session by saying, "I love this team, I love all of the coaches and staff here and the players, and I am excited to be here. That's why I am here. I love Pittsburgh. Obviously, I would love to be here long-term, but all of those decisions aren't really mine to be made. So I am just here right now trying to get better every day."


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