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TJ Watt says he is a 'Man on a Mission' going into the 2021 season

The Defensive Player of the Year selection has been questionable over the past 2 seasons. Stephon Gilmore won the defensive player of the year award in 2029 and Aaron Donald won the defensive player of the year in 2020. Both are great NFL players who are very deserving of the award, but TJ Watt has played like his hair has been on fire the past two seasons.

Even JJ Watt said no disrespect to Aaron Donald, but he will say what his brother TJ won't, 'TJ played 1 less game and STILL led the NFL in every major category. JJ Watt is right his brother TJ did lead in every single category and this season he had 15 sacks in 15 games with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For some reason, the Associated Press Media just doesn't seem to like TJ Watt. There was no justification for picking Aaron Donald over TJ Watt other than Donald is in the trenches a bit more. Overall though both were double-teamed about the same amount and Watt produced better statistics than Donald.

TJ Watt took to social media today to say he is a man on a mission heading into the 2021 season. He was seen recovering in a frozen lake in the offseason with both of his brothers and he has also decided to shave his head. TJ Watt should be a monster in 2021 not only because he was snubbed for the 2021 defensive player of the year award, but he is playing on a contract year. He is expected to become the Steelers highest paid linebacker in the near future and if I were a quarterback in 2021 looking at TJ Watt standing on the line I would be terrified.


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